One natural substance that has been effective in the prevention of hair loss is saw palmetto>
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One natural substance that has been effective in the prevention of hair loss is saw palmetto. Research has shown that saw palmetto reduces the levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in your body by blocking receptors on the cell membranes. DHT is the main cause of hair loss and reducing it will stimulate new hair growth.

As the saw palmetto in provillus blocks DHT vitamin B6 biotin Zn and magnesium work to provide your scalp with the vital nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair. Other extracts including B6 biotin Zn and magnesium provide vital nutrients for your scalp which help stimulate hair growth. This effective combination has made provillus very successful in preventing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth. This is why provillus is rated as the best hair loss treatment on the market.

Using provillus is simple you just take the supplement orally and let its natural components run their course. If you are not happy with the results from using provillus you have up to six months to get a full refund. We are able to give you this option because of the confidence we have in our product.
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