One of the main issues women have to deal with after giving birth is hair loss>
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During pregnancy, it is not only your life that changes, but your body does too. Throughout a woman’s pregnancy there are many transformations that take place, whether it is in the physical appearance (internal or external) or even mental changes. One of the main issues women have to deal with after giving birth is high hair loss help, this is one of the most common physical issues in many women.

Many women during this stage after child bearing get so frustrated with finding the correct solution for hair loss help that they just cut it all off and wait for it to grow back. Hereunder are a few reasons why females have hair loss during this time.

When the female body changes during pregnancy, hormones undergo drastic change as well (estrogen and progesterone) and due to this, the average amount of hair that is supposed to shed daily is greatly reduced. As soon as the child is born, the head will become dense and this causes hair to become weak and break very easily. 
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Although the female body begins after birth to slowly go back to its normal balance the hair will revert to its resting period and shed. Even though hair loss help will feel excessive, the hair may possible grow to its normal level.

Females who are not pregnant, their hair is definitely resting each and every time period. This particular period is known as telogen the sleeping period from the locks hair follicle. If the head of hair drops away, the rest of the locks are growing, to create the actual anagen stage and later on moves via an additional stage referred to as transition phase or even the catagen period. This kind of period happens when your hair will be creating from your anagen period towards the telogen stage.

Another reason for hair loss help is due to high stress levels and the nutrients that are being given to your child throughout breastfeeding.