There are many misconceptions you can hear about hair loss in women>
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Misconceptions of hair loss in ladies
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There are many misconceptions you can hear about hair loss in women these days? Here are a few misconceptions that individuals believe to be the cause of hair loss.

Washing and blow-drying your hair on a daily basis is a cause of hair loss. This is false; coloring, blow-drying and washing your hair does not cause major hair loss but may damage your hair. By stopping styling your hair is not a solution for your hair loss.

The biggest misconception about a solution to hair loss is that if you tweeze away at your hair more will grow back. It is false that if you tweeze a gray hair it will replicate and will be the solution for hair loss help that you are searching for.

Another common misleading fact is that 100 hairs falling out per day is too much. But did you know that the average amount of hair to shed a day is among 100 to 150. Yes that many a day.
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It is not always the Motherís fault, if you are having hair loss. It has been proven that genetically, it can be from both parents. So stop blaming your mom.

Brush, brush, brush away your hair with a brush and try not to use a comb. This misconception pertains to the fact that if you use a comb it shall break and damage your hair. Well whether you use a brush or a comb is not the problem to your hair loss or the solution to hair loss help.

If you do not deal with or perhaps remove the split ends of your hair, you are going to suffer hair loss!

Split ends have nothing whatsoever to do with hair loss. Nevertheless, you need to take care of the ends of your hair anyway because they have an impact on the entire wellness of the head of hair which includes the physical appearance.