The most common cause of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia>
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Hair Loss is a Common Problem in Humans
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There are many causes of baldness, both males and females can suffer from it. It can be because of nutritional deficiency, hormones, stress or illness. But generally the most common cause of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia. It accounts for 95% of all hair loss. Adrogenetic alopecia refers to the influence of androgens (male hormones) and genetic disposition on hair loss in men and women.

Some people however experience more hair loss than is normal. That is why planning for hair restoration is important for those people who suffer from hair loss. Hormones play the dominant role when it comes to androgenous alopecia and both men and women produce testosterone. Testosterone can be converted to Dihydroandrogen androsteinedione androgen (DHT) and it is the most common hormone. For men testicles and adrenals are what produce DHT. For women ovaries and adrenal glands are what produce DHT. These hormones are authoritative for both sexes but they have unusual concentrations and this is more predominant for males than females.
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There is no exact age for hair loss to occur though It usually starts in the late teens. The progress can be slow or rapid and it is a phenomenon can not be ignored. Illnesses and medical conditions are one of the causes of hair loss such as thyroid disease and diabetes. Males and females with liver and kidney diseases can also suffer from hair loss. Adult women and teen girls can have baldness attributed to hormone imbalance in polycystic ovary syndrome. Some medications such as acne cures can cause hair loss. Amphetamines in diet pills can also cause hair loss. And the worst known medical treatment that causes hair loss is chemotherapy. Alopecia areata is a skin disease that also causes hair loss.

Many people are scared of going bald both male and female. Baldness sufferers wake up in the morning and check their pillows for amounts of hair that they have lost. Baldness sufferers check their combs and brushes after every use and try to count the number of hairs that are trapped in them. Baldness sufferers put on their glasses and check the number of hairs in the shower or sink after each wash. Baldness sufferers grow anxious, nervous, and scared.

There is a way to find out if you are starting to lose your hair. It is called the tug test using your thumb and scale finger hold about 15-20 strands of hair, tug it firmly and slowly, if more than 6 hairs were pulled out then you can say your hair is starting to get thin. Hair loss can be caused by heredity conditions and some major diseases. Hair loss is generally a problem for adults but in some cases teens can start to suffer from hair loss too.

Baldness in adolescence stage is usually caused by illness or unconventional diet and some hair loss is caused by medical treatments like chemotherapy. Wearing hair styles that pulls hair also causes hair loss, like braids etc. because there is tension on it. Hair loss is really a great worry especially for teenagers that are concerned about their appearance. The full news is if hair loss is in adolescence stage and the causes of it were corrected hair will usually regrow. Here are common mistakes of people about hair loss. It is not true that when you brush your hair about 100 times it will be stimulated, it might only cause your hair injury. They get their oxygen from our bloodshed in our scalps. Our hair will only be damaged because of wig or caps if they are overly tight.