A lot of research has gone into the genetic link of male pattern baldness>
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Genetics and Hair Loss
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A lot of research went into the genetic link of male pattern baldness and it indicates that early male hair loss is largely sex linked. Large studies by german researchers showed the androgen receptor gene as the primary cause of hair loss. In the same year there findings were confirmed  by other researchers. Seeing the interaction of androgens with the androgen receptor it seems logical that the androgen receptor gene plays an important part in the development of male pattern baldness.

Another investigation in 2007 showed that another gene on the X chromosome is also an important gene in male pattern baldness. They found the domain Xq11-q12 on the X-chromosome to be strongly linked with hair loss in men.This finding has been confirmed in at least three later studies. In may 2009 japanese researchers identified a gene Sox21 that also seems to be linked to hair loss in humans.
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Another gene that is linked to hair structure is the P2RY5 and certain variants can lead to baldness at birth. Recent research confirmed the androgen receptor as the most important gene linked to hair loss. With a gene on chromosome 20 being the second most important gene. Other genes linked with hair loss have also been found.