Sometimes hair loss can be associated with the development of diabetes>
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Diabetes and Baldness
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Quite often, significant hair loss can be associated with the development of diabetes. Seek evaluation by a medical professional if you are losing hair in larger than normal quantities, and the loss does not appear to be common pattern hair loss. Diabetes is a hormonal related illness, and the first sign of this imbalance is often the loss of hair. The links between hair loss and diabetes are as follows.

Poor blood circulation is caused by diabetes this can affect the normal growth of hair follicles. Hair normally goes into a period of dormancy after it grows for 2-6 years, then a new strand is produced in the follicle which pushes out the old one. The follicle does not produce a new strand of hair as normal when blood circulation is poor so there is no replacement hair when the old one dies and falls out. Also when blood circulation is poor the hair tends to die more quickly.
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The medication taken for diabetes can also affect normal hair growth. Though most of the time as the body adjusts to the medication this is reversed. Stress and anxiety can be caused by diabetes and both are major causes of hair loss. Dehydration is a factor in hair loss as well and when coupled with stress, it can be a killer for hair. So have at least eight glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated.

Exercise increases blood circulation so if you suffer from diabetes related hair loss then you should exercise regularly. Diabetes is a life changing illness so follow your doctors instructions carefully and do those things that you know are good for your general health.